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Mar 2, 2007
Emmett did my Birth Chart
from ambient musician Jeff Pearce

Being someone who has played music for years in the "new age" genre, it is almost a certainty that, at one of my concerts, there will be at LEAST one astrologer in attendance who will (kindly) offer to "do my chart" and interpret it for me. I give them all the vitals, and usually, a week or two later, I'll receive an e-mail or letter describing my chart interpretation. I usually take these interpretations in the kind spirit in which they are offered - along with a 90 pound sack of salt, because most of the time, those interpretations are stunningly vague ("You're an outgoing person around others, but you are still a very private person," "You're a true and loyal friend" or "You like those things that make you feel good, and avoid those things that make you feel bad", etc....)

So when Emmett Chapman offered to read my chart, I was thrilled to let him do so, but was expecting, deep down inside, "more of the same".


I called Stick Enterprises to chat with Emmett about the chart that he and his daughter Diana drew up. You could fit my knowledge of astrology into a thimble and still have enough room left over for a politician's soul. So I was in the dark - completely.

Over the phone, I could almost hear the gears turning in Emmett's head, and then he said "this is interesting".

Probably not the best choice of words to start a reading off with, for someone like me at least. I immediately had visions of being in a doctor's office and hearing those words jump out of my doctor's mouth ("Tell me, Doc! How big is the tumor?!?! How long do I have to live?!?! WHY ARE YOU INSISTING I PAY YOU IN CASH TODAY?!?!?!).

It turns out that Emmett was simply surprised that someone such as I had, to summarize, such an "inward" looking chart.

I've generally known this about myself, that I spend time in an "inner world" that has little to do with reality. For example, in this inner world, I have six pack abs.....

Emmett then went on, clearly letting his intuition take over regarding the chart interpretation. I tried to take notes as fast as I could, but some points were far too difficult to takes notes over. Suffice it to say, Emmett's approach to astrology is every bit as unique as his approach to creating music and creating musical instruments. A lot of what he said was very "personal"- making me wonder if Emmett might be a success as an FBI profiler. Because of this personal nature, I'd rather not share that here- but I WILL say that Emmett's approach to astrology has very little to do with advice about the future ("Buy stock in Enron!" "Don't fly in a plane in March." "The end is near!"); Emmett seems to use astrology as an analytical tool, much like Jung used the I Ching.

Sometimes you can be so close to a subject that you lose all perspective of it. That's the way I, no doubt, am with the subject of myself. After Emmett's analysis of my chart (and after taking two Tylenol in an attempt to provide relief from a blown mind) I read my notes to my wife. Every one I read, I heard her say "yep- that's you" or "yes - that's right."

After I was through, she asked, "Did Emmett see anything else in your chart?"

I replied "Umm.... he sees that I need one of the new bamboo Sticks".

It was worth a try.

Jeff's Chart

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