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"On the Other Hand"
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February 1, 2008
Stop the World

Do you ever engage in wishful thinking? Does the same impossible wish keep rising to the surface? What is your brand of compulsive fantasy and why does it recur?

If I could just stop the world for a fews weeks and catch up on all my work while everybody remains motionless. If such could ever be, this timeless state might stretch out into months, even years - tempting.

In order to function I'd need short term memory, long term too. To get work done I'd need muscle, so I'd be metabolizing and therefore aging while everyone else remained frozen in time.

Be careful what you wish for? Heaven could turn into hell, and both are unnatural states of being.

It all boils down to the question, which is most important, your work or your life? If you're one of the blessed few whose work is your life (and work is play), then you'd be living in your own universe and would age normally while the world stopped, and you won't mind because you are your own measure of standards.

Instead of wishing your life away, however, wouldn't it be smarter to put yourself out ahead right from the start by conceiving a mission or purpose that's new to the world? Then you'd have your head start and the world would be motionless from your perspective.

I did that of course with two-handed string tapping and The Stick and now look where it has gotten me - back into a perpetual state of wishing I had more time.

So where's the next mental leap over time?

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