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December 12, 2011
Stop the World II

Would you rather invest in yourself or in your life. I think of it
as a question of time travel, either forward or backward, or just
fixed for a while, freezing yourself or freezing the world.

Seeing Jane Fonda as guest on the Piers Morgan show, perfectly
preserved with long youthful neck and smooth skin, and acting as
young as "Barbarella", I realized that she has invested in herself,
cosmetically as well as structurally. This statuesque star has fixed
herself in time while the world moved forward.

In my scheme of things, she would no doubt choose to be projected
into the future, aging in years without aging physically (no
metabolic activity "during" the leap forward in time).

As for me, I need to invest in my life, because the world goes on
with or without me, competition and technological progress too (yes,
even in the field of musical instruments). I need the world to stand
still for a while so I catch up on projects, tasks and general

OK, let's stop the world so I can get a head start on everybody else.
I'd be metabolizing, mind and muscles in a blur of motion, and of
course I'd also be aging as world time stood still. Well prepared,
I'd later sync up with the world again but there'd be a price to pay.
Aging wouldn't have stopped for me. I'd look, feel and actually be,
older to all my friends.

So what's important to you, your person or your purpose? Are you
more of an object or the subject in your life, to be beheld like
Jane, or to behold, pursue and assimilate (like Trump)?

I choose to spend my life rather than save and treasure it. It seems
the natural way, in sync with the world. My price to pay? So far, a
mild one, a graceful aging (never any guarantees of course) as I
spend my genetic resources.

Then again, ones lifespan may not be on any timeline at all, rather,
it might be more like a piece of real estate that is yours. If so,
then everything's frozen, self and world, except perhaps for willful
acts of initiation and creation. In my yard by the timeline highway,
I hope I've built and planted it well.

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